When I first started my professional career, I thought I'd be in the Public Relations field (Think Shauna from Entourage). I was a go-getter and loved being able to represent people and brands. Throughout my career though, I discovered I LOVED being creative more than represent a person and their public image. So I set out for the next 10+ years as a creative marketing professional. I’ve worked with multi-million dollar companies, along with smaller companies. Throughout my work with clients, I also take on "one-off" freelance and contract projects. I’ve dipped into various industries, marketing strategies, and budgets, so I tend to think I can adapt to any environment..


I specialize in creative content and strategy within marketing. Most of my projects have been entire campaign projects from beginning to end or social media content with the purpose to gain followers, likes, comments, and engagement. I also have experience in email campaigns, copy writing, graphic design, Google Ads, FB Ads, digital ad strategy, marketing management, analysis. Please see examples of my work or my teams work below. Most are creative images for social media or email.