Fitness Photoshoot: Get Summer Body Ready with KASH! 15% discount!

OMG! CHEERS to popping my blogging cherry and reading my VERY FIRST blog for my new website! WOO-WOO! And thank you for your support through my journey. Much love! Anyway there is a point to this blog… Check it out below and enjoy! :)

My entire life, I have been an active person. I thank my father for that one. Even though I went through this terrible tomboy stage. UGH! We can talk about that later… But between sports, weight lifting, running, yoga, pilates, and more sports... Point is, I consider myself active. (ACTIVE WEAR!) Okay, enough about me, I sound super into myself right now. I’m having this thought and writing it down because staying in shape I KNOW is HARD WORK! You (and I) can make any excuse… It’s time consuming. It’s tough. Everything hurts. You’re tired. You’re busy. I have felt ALL of those things. But getting in shape and having a consistent exercise habit is SO IMPORTANT. It really is. It gives you strength, energy for your day, mind power, a nice booty, and so much more. :)

I have been through a number of personal trainers. Finding a personal trainer I have loved on a social level and made me break a sweat - is super tough! Surprisingly. It’s usually one or the other. Either the guy (or girl) is a total dick (girls can be dicks too), BUT works my ass, so the outcome is worth it ( I suppose, IDK if any amount of hours spent with a wall is worth it though). Or I absolutely love my trainer and most of our session turn into a girls gossip sesh. Results, meh… aren’t so good. Don’t get me wrong, I understand social isn’t the MOST important, but give me a break, I’m sorry, I don’t want to get told what to do by someone that I wanna punch in the face. :)

Since finding a legit trainer is so hard, you can imagine how pumped I was to meet Kash of King Kash Fitness. This dude is AMAZING! He will work your booty OUT, you will see results, and he is actually super fucking cool. You can talk to him about life. He’s relatable. He’s funny and witty. He not just some clueless meat head. SCORE! Kash is a certified fitness and wellness trainer with 8+ years of experience. He has his brown belt in jiu-jitsu too! He is currently working for his black belt, and trains at dojos across the country during his travels. I like that! He trains over a dozen clients every week on strength training and conditioning. He has ALL sorts of certifications I didn’t even know existed! I’m telling you, this dude is legit. You gotta check him out!

I had such a blast photographing this group session fitness shoot with Kash. He worked us out! I got to snap some of the best moments, and we all walked away a little sore (in a good way!). Check out some my favorite shots from the photoshoot below. And slide over to Kash’s website to book a session here or learn more about him here. Use code LISA or mention you heard from me to receive 15% off when you purchase a package! Thanks for reading ya'll and enjoy the gallery below! Don't forget, contact me for your photography needs! PEACE!

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