True Love: Ben and Elin

Last week I attended a wedding of a friend of mine and his beautiful bride in one of my favorite spots, San Diego, CA. I've known Ben since I was 12 years old, so my excitement to see such a long time friend get married was HIGH! I met his now wife Elin a little over a year ago, and immediately this woman blew me away. She's not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she'e fucking HILARIOUS, welcoming, and has a great sense of style. I knew right away we would be friends. And she's from Sweden, and there's something about them, they are so SWEET! Our friendship has grown since then (I event threw here bachelorette party America bitch style!) and I couldn't wait for the big day!

I was not their photographer for the wedding. I DID take their engagement photos though a few months back, which you can check out here. BUT, I wouldn't have wanted to be their photographer anyway, I wanted to experience the wedding as a guest! A very intoxicated guest!

I did manage to snap some incognito shots though. Don't worry I was classy about it, and everyone was doing it... I only caught a few then enjoyed the beautiful wedding. Elin looked like a QUEEN, I immediately cried when I saw her... Ben was looking dapper in his dark green suit and his faded. Is that what it's called? Ben's mother was gorgeous. Elin's family was aw-struck and amazed with their daughter's beauty.

I could go on for quite some time, but to spare you all... To sum it up...Their venue was beautiful. Their vows were heart melting and silly, so THEM. Their chemistry was mind blowing. Music was on point, we all danced the night away. Cupcakes were bomb, I had a few..... All in all, it was a perfect night for a perfect couple.

Here are a couple of my favorites!

Ben and his mama!

Ben's younger sister and Elin's brother.

My main man and Elin's sister Anna.

I tried to snap a photo of Ben's face when he saw her, and this is what I got. He's stunned! Mike's face is in shock of her beauty also! The real life thing was much better though!

Elin's face is priceless right here! She' SO HAPPY to be marrying the love of her life!

Smash the glass!

The kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Landen!

Laughs all around! :)

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