Beauty at the Garden of Eden

One thing I absolutely love about being a photographer is collaborating with friends. It's so exciting to create a vision together and make it come to life! Last month, I did just that with my long-time friend Sahar. We met BACK IN THE DAY when we worked at Chili's together! Chili-heads for life! <3

Sahar dabbles in modeling here and there, she's gorgeous, she's active on social media, and I missed her face in my life - so I thought this could be a great opportunity for us to get together!

We drove up Highway 17 into the Santa Cruz Mountains (I believe we were in Felton to be exact), to the beautiful Garden of Eden. I've heard of this "watering hole" before, but never made it out there until this glorious day. When we first arrived, we didn't realized how much of a HIKE it would be! It wasn't that long, but boy was it steep! We may have fallen a few times, but totally worth it! And made the experience that much better.

We arrived around 6 pm, so we thought it would be cleared out by then, but it was PACKED! I was a little worried about doing a photoshoot with a billion people around... But luckily I have the best boyfriend ever who went and found the most PERFECT, secluded spot. It's funny how things just fall into place when magic is about to happen. :)

We experimented with different angles and moved around quite a bit. We realized that the best shot would be fully in the water, sooooo I went in, with all my clothes on.... It was AMAZING! I love getting down and dirty on a shoot! It's what makes the magic happen! I had such an awesome time with Sahar, catching up, laughing, and taking photos. Can't wait to be back at it again! Check out some of my favorite shots below, and if you're looking for portraits, modeling shots, or whatever - holler!

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